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I've been following Creature Comforts for some time now. I Went in today and to my surprise I saw my art featured in one of her posts!!!! Ez did an amazing job with the layout and I'm very thankful with her for the spotlight.... I never expected this... What a way to start my day!!!!


sMacThoughts said…
Congrats, it looks great. I left a comment, too! :)
nancye williams said…
Stop and see me blog. There is a surprise.
Carolyn said…
congratulations! and your paper scrap creations are just adorable!
That is wonderful Danita!! Really beautiful aticle about your work!
Krissy said…
Congrats on your feature! I hadn't seen your paper creations until that post. They are so sweet and wonderful. I so enjoy watching your creativity spring all over the place!
Danita said…
Thank you girls!!! It feels great!
talitka said…
it's really great :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats, I actually came here to tell you that I have given you a blog award. You can pick it up on my blog :)
Anonymous said…
Oh - these paper collages are just the best Danita! You are amazing!


Hi! You've just received a Brillante Blog Award! Go to my blog to get it!

Dithi said…
Hey Danita! As I have said before, I adore your blog and work and visit it ever so often. I am giving you the Brilliante Weblog award...Congratulations! Please visit deezden and colect your award...your work is fantastic! Best. Dee.

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