Portable hole by Kery Smith

hole, originally uploaded by keri.

I just found this very cool portable hole on flickr!. It's made by Kery Smith (Who else!?) and I already printed like 1000. Imagine what you can do with it!... Have a mess? Just add a hole and it's gone!!! Write your problems, put them into the whole and watch them disapear!!! Your coworker is bugging you again? Just put it on the floor and ask him/her to step in it... problem solved!!!

If only all were that easy... but it doesn't hurt trying :)


Hola Danita! I'm gonna get myself a couple of them holes and use them very quickly and efficiently. There are tons of stuff I would make disappear, annoying people, wars, pollution, name it. I would even start by using it on my studio floor and through in there stuff I seem to never be able to part with... Great post, Danita! Take care, LuLu xxx
I just laughed when I read this and even applauded you for this post!!! Priceless and too funny!!
Sandra Evertson said…
Love it!
suze said…
Too funny!
Ester GarcĂ­a said…
Me quedo fascinada con tus obras tan delicadas, Danita... es un placer volver.

Un beso

Lenae May said…
Happy Monday, Danita!
I just wanted to let you know I used a piece of your work on my website front page. She looks adorable! She IS adorable! One of my all time favorites.
Brilliant idea! There are too many things I'd make disappear. But Not all people should have that power to carry around their holes. But I know I'd be wise enough with it.;)

I love your lovely blog btw! :]
sMacThoughts said…
I think we all wish life could be this simple. We could all draw the solution to our every problem. And this is just so cute! :)

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