Thank you!

Thank you so much for the good wishes. I'm still celebrating :P I'll have a barbecue on Sunday to celebrate my birthday, my youngest sister birthday and father's day. I have full house this weekend as many of my relatives come to a wedding this Saturday. So If you don't hear much from me, you know why ;)

By the way, I've been working on some new originals and I'll be posting them this weekend on Etsy. Take a peek and take your pick!

"Las 2 Fridas" 8x10 collage on wooden canvas.

"The musician". 6x12 on wooden canvas.

"Like a walk in the park" 6x12 on wooden canvas.

"Music girl 1" 4x4 on deep gallery wrap canvas.

"Music girl 3" 4x4 on deep gallery wrap canvas.

"Music girl 2" 4x4 on deep gallery wrap canvas.


Grace Garton said…
Happy belated birthday Danita!!
Boy you have been busy even during all this festivity. You know my paint brushes have started to collect cobwebs:( I like the music girl series!
Queerly Yours said…
Yay Extended Birthday! Have a great weekend...
andrea creates said…
Happy belated birthday:)
The paintings are all so lovely!
Artfulife said…
Love them all!
Unknown said…
Son una preciosidad,vamos como todas las que haces.Que pases un buen día.
Adriana Whitney said…
Feliz cumple! (tarde) espero que la pases re lindo en tu fiesta.
Abrazos y tironcitos de oreja (como hacemos en Argentina)
Unknown said…
I love these pieces that are translucent and the background shows through then Frida's little ghosty day of the dead friend You are just tooo talented!!
Carolyn said…
happy belated birthday!
i just love your music girls, lovely as always!!!
I love your Frida creations, they are soo cute and special!!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. President!
Maya Hanisch said…
I love your Fridas...lovely work!!!

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