There's no place like home...

Hi everybody!! Did you miss me? I miss you so much! I had a great time on the beach and I'm the color of a dark chocolate because of so much sun but I sure miss my home and my stuff... specially my bed and my studio!

I apologize for not posting sooner but as you imagine I have LOTS of house chores to do... and the unpacking and cleaning is so time consuming! Besides tomorrow is my little princess birthday and I'm going to make it a cake and invite some friends so we can sing her happy birthday and be with her.

I leave you with some pictures of my trip, I hope you enjoy them! I'm so happy to be back!
Here I am with my daughter in the beach in front of the hotel. It was full of coral reefs and colorful fish.

I was dreaming of climbing the stairs of one of the new 7 wonders... I keep dreaming. There's no public access anymore :(

Here below a huge tree outside Chichen-itza

The beautiful view from Tulum

More pics soon!


Unknown said…
Bonitas fotografías y preciosos lugares, si señor, hay que ver las maravillas que hay por el mundo.Un saludito.
kecia deveney said…
what a gorgeous beach. makes me want to pack up and go there right now and get away from this rainy weather.
Diane Duda said…
It looks beautiful, Danita!
Welcome back and Happy Birthday to your little girl!!!

Heidi said…
I recognized Chichen Itza right off! I got to climb to the top of it in 1997. The day I was there was rainy and it was a physically hard climb to the top! I didn't feel very safe on the climb down. They had a heavy chain that you could hold on to but it was super steep. I loved the the sports arena there and how they would play the game. Wouldn't have wanted to loose though as they said they killed the losers!
Silke Powers said…
Oh, it looks heavenly! I bet you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear and see more once you get settled back in. And Happy Birthday to your little princess!! :) Silke
Hola Danita Querida! Ah!!!!!! There is nothing better than the Yucatan! Just love it! Glad you had a good time! Beautiful pictures! VIVA MEXICO !!! Muchos besos, LuLu xxx
Mescrap said…
Beautiful photos and beautiful place too !!! Welcome back !
what lovely photos... the sand is so white and the water so clear!

I am glad you are home again.
sounds like you had a great vacation Danita...I'm sooooo jealous:) Can't wait to see more pictures.
Lisa C. said…
It looks like you had a blast! Beautiful pics. Welcome back, Danita!
Peng Peng said…
aaahhhhh.... your pics (esp Tulum) are divine :) makes me wanna go to the beach (somewhere with palms ;O)

welcome back!
just stumbled onto your lovely blog. I enjoy your art so inspires me to do better and be more creative. I promise to stop 2nd guessing myself and just GO for it. Have a wonderful day.
your fellow etsian,

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