My pendants in Stringing Magazine

A while ago I received a message from one of the editors of Stringing Magazine asking me for my fox pendant. She was searching for unique Woodland beads and found me on Etsy.

Yesterday, I received a copy of the magazine and a sweet note!
They were published in the Beads to Buy section!
Thank you Danielle!

Even if I don't normally sell just the pendants, I'm going to make an exception for the 3 designs showed in the magazine. I'd love to see what you do with them!

You know where to find them!


Nicola said…
Wow congratulations how exciting!!! They are lovely pendants!! Did you do some of them with resin? I'm keen to try that out one day as so far I've just been using glass, not really sure where to start with that though. Well done though you make some beautiful things :0)
BonnyBadger said…
These are beautiful. Just popped on to say what a huge fan of your stuff I am having only discovered it recently. I am pretty new to crafty and trying out various things - I have attempted one of your faces, but it's many miles away from being as good as the originals. Still, it was FUN FUN FUN!

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