Happy Mother's Day !!!

Pregnancy has never been easy for me. It took me several years to get pregnant the first time and 4 more years after my first daughter to get pregnant again. I almost had lost all hope and was getting used to the idea of having just one child. Then this miracle happened and here I am, pregnant again. The news came and I was in shock. I had lost almost all hope and I wasn't expecting to be expecting! Then came the problems and the bed rest. Finally the day of the appointment arrived and the bad news came again: 3 more weeks of bed rest.

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy here. But life sometimes send us signals to make us reflect again on the things that are happening to us and see them differently. Just outside my house there's a tree and in the tree there's a nest. In the nest there's a mom bird and she's laying on her eggs. She's there, day and night, rain or sunshine, just waiting, doing what she must. Unlike me, she doesn't complain for being there, for not being able to fly. She's doing it for a bigger, more beautiful purpose and that is bringing new life to this world. I feel obliged to follow her steps. Sometimes your life has to be on hold while bigger things are happening and you have to wait and be patient. Maybe that's the lesson that life is trying to teach me: to be patient. After all, it's one of the things that you will need the most when you're a mom.

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day! My best who all the mothers out who always give the best of them for the ones they love. Many hugs and blessings!


Micki said…
I had 2 hard pregnancies too Danita, I know what you are going through!
Enjoy your rest time, read some great books, watch some great films, reflect on how great life is... before the baby comes and causes chaos ;)

Hugs for you
Micki x
lizziebusy said…
Happy mother's day!!! I wish you all the best, take care to you and to your coming baby.

thewillowsnest said…
keep sitting on your nest Danita!
You'll be sooooo happy when your lil egg hatches!!!
But I know bedrest is TOUGH!!
PaperPumpkin said…
You are strong and loving and brave, Danita. We will all be thinking of you and sending lots of love! Be kind to yourself. (I was horribly ill for both of my pregnancies, and thought several times that i would never get through it, but I did and now have two miracle children. It's hard, i know, but keep doing what you are doing: keep the faith, see the positive, and talk with your friends and family for added support.) We love you! ~Kathy♥
Sonia ;) said…
Happy Mothers Day sweet Danita...take comfort in your role to nurse the eggs as she has.

All the best, Danita. I am so happy for your second pregnancy.
Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Danita.
All my best.
Happy Mother's Day.
3 weeks is nothing for a lifetime of happiness! You can do it.
jessica said…
happy mother's day to you danita!
Julieta said…
Hola Danita
Eso que escribiste es realmente lindo. Y que mal que tengas que quedarte en cama pero bueno, es solo por un tiempo :) y así el bebé esté bien y tu también.
Mil felicidades en este día de las Madres. Que lo pases lleno de dicha y mucha alegría :)
Estaba pensando en ir a visitar a Laura y espero se me haga el poderte conocer en persona :) Me daría mucho gusto.
Thank you for posting this Danita. I needed to read that. It broke my heart and then healed it all over again.

a m y
Veronica said…
Feliz dia de la MADRE !!!!!Un cariño desde aqui abajo!!!!Argentina!! que tengas buen dia.Vero
Minasmoke said…
I wish you all the best for your pregnancy. I'm sure you and your baby will be fine! I will not forget your wise "fable" with the mum bird ;)
Lenae May said…
Excellent Danita...what a blessing!
Happy Mother's Day!
Tracy M. said…
A very Happy Mother's Day to you as well!!! Take Care of yourself,
Tracy M.
perry said…
Enjoy your special day Danita...Happy Mother's Day!...Joan
Happy Mother's Day!
La Doña Jenny said…
How wonderful for you Danita to be having another little blessing come into your life...that mama bird on the picture sure looks content...so many of us have not had the opportunity to nest like the two of you, but sure are happy for you both - enjoy and create while resting. Happy Mothers Day Danita!
VBR said…
Each day that you rest in bed is one day closer to the birth of your precious baby. Take care of yourself and your baby. Soon, you will be back in your art studio working on your lovely creations as your two best and most treasured creations play nearby! Happy Mother's Day to you and all who follow your blog.
art.soul said…
wishing you all the bets for the rest of the pregnancy. soon it will all be worth and you'll have a baby leaving you no time to rest!!!

Martine said…
Hello Danita,
I was in bed for nearly 7 months during my pregnancy. It can be very lonely and tough, but the reward is worth it. Hang in there !
anni said…
What a beautiful post! I love coming here to see your art. Now you have given me word art!

Take care Danita and new baby!
Lovely post Danita :)
Lydia said…
What a lovely post Danita. Your new little one will be here soon enough.Enjoy these precious days with your little ones, even the one baking on the oven:)
Cara Carmina said…
Oh wow... as I finish reading your beautiful post I can only think how we all are very impatient for everything in life... just today I wrote about seeds in my lemon tree... www.miverdelimon.blogspot.com maybe you´ll like it...

Congratulations for your attitude, for your happiness in bringing new life to this world and for all the beauty and love you spread with you work...

as usual... you are an inspiration for me!

Sabbio said…
HaI wish everything will be great for you and your baby and it's good to read your wise words!

Take care!
janil said…
Oh Danita, entiendo tu estado de ánimo y aunque la espera con tanto reposo sea larga y pesada seguro que merece la pena. Al final verles la carita siempre compensa...!

Un beso enorme y un abrazo grande!!!
nicoz said…
happy mother's day danita! you're a wonderfoul artist and a wonderfoul mommy too! :))))
vivian said…
It'll all be worth it in the end Danita, but you know that. My daughter just found out that she is pregnant too. And hers is a high risk pregnancy because she is diabetic. so I of course feel the need to worry a little. Its got to be hard to be on bed rest.. I cant imagine. but you can do it.. lots of reading!!
hang in there!
take 38 said…
I have been thinking about this post since it read it the other week because I have a nest of little birds tucked away in the awning of my roof. I cannot see how many tiny beaks there are to feed, but from the sounds of their chirps, I'm guessing 3 or 4. I watch both the mom & dad bird sgo out in search of food, bringing back one bug at a time to feed those 3-4 hungry beaks. Over & over, back & forth, one bug at a time, times 3 or 4. It's amazing to watch nature & to reflect on our own lives...how easy we really do have it to procure food for our own family's hungry mouths even though we complain about time & energy. We have it so much easier than other creatures out there.

Thanks for helping me stop to notice these things.


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