New dolls preview!

I hope everybody is having a great long weekend!
I finished all the dolls and wanted to share them with you before listing them for sale on Tuesday.

I'm in love with the little fox and I'm thinking about keeping him, but I haven't decided yet. All but the large one have movable arms and the little ones have movable legs as well.

The baker, the biggest doll I made this time.

Three little Fridas:

Frida in green.

Frida in blue.
Frida in orange.

One fox.

And 7 little dolls inspired by the labels we put ourselves sometimes letting us be what we like the most:

The gardener.

The seamstress.

The knitter.

The writer.

The baker (another version).

The musician.

The photographer.

Oh and I almost forget, a little one hand sculpted from paper clay.

Paper boat.

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite?


Trenda said…
Oh, I adore them all! The last one, which you hand sculpted with paper clay, reminds me of myself when I was a little girl. Love her! Thank you so much for giving us a peek of your dolls! Your work never fails to make my heart smile.

Bright Blessings,

Stacy Marie said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM all, but the photographer most of all. They are all fabulous!
Anonymous said…
They are super lovely!! ♥♥
love your dolls! i think the frida's are my favorites,but then i adore frida kahlo!
Anonymous said…
oh, gosh! i love them all! they are wonderfully made and you have captured them beautifully in your photos....well done!

have a great weekend!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
Wild Willy said…
Danita, you truly are an original. There's no mistaking your creations. And I admire and respect your energy and the diversity of your work.
Elma said…
would love the lastone. Will see befor sale?? Elma
PaperPumpkin said…
They're all wonderful, but the last one with the paper boat is so dear...!♥
sMacThoughts said…
These are simply delightful!!!
Anonymous said…
I love them, esp. the photographer. She'd like to come live with me!
Cara Carmina said…
I also liked them all I wish to have them all in my studiooooo !!! they are sooooo sooo beautiful, such a good job... (you should definitely keep the fox, is great!!!)...

I´m really tempted Danita... these girls are amazing! my favorite is the photographer and the last one, I´m dying to see them completely...

Thanks and good night!!!

keep it up! this baby has brought a lot of inspiration ha? :)
Nicole Austin said…
wow! impossible to pick just one favorite. these are all so cute and sweet! i would have a hard time letting them to, too. ;)
Gloria said…
ok I like frida in blue...she is my favorite for sure...sweet day to you talented blog friend....gloria
Mimma said…
Dear Danita, they all look great! I like the most the one with paper boat :)
Nicola said…
They are sooooo gorgeous!!! I love the Frida's I think they are so cute and I love the little flowers in their hair!!! Lovely!!
andrea creates said…
I love them all-but I really like the bakers,knitter,writer,seamstress and gardener:)
lizziebusy said…
All of them, you are very much inspired!
The Baker (1st shown), the Writer, and the Sail Boat.

Love how your work evolves Danita.
zime said…
Ohhh Paper boat. She is lovely!!!!!
Diane Duda said…
They are so sweet! I especially love the last one. I bought some paper clay a few weeks ago but am scared to break it out and give it a go.

Have a lovely holiday. :)
Hard to choose a favorite but LOVE the little seamstress charms and the paper clay one is super cute :)
simplydelicious said…
I just adore the paper clay doll!!!

T.L. Holmes said…
I could never choose just one!! I do adore the fox (because, well, I love foxes!) and the writer girl (because, well, I love writing!!) These are uber-fabulous!!
Tara :)
Lynda said…
So cute! I love the baker and the paper boat :)
I'm crazy about the baker. A lovely collection!!
Oh, they are all so beautiful!! I love the paper boat one! wonderful!
Sarah said…
omg...drool drool drool! How would anyone decide on just ONE of these beauties????
esen said…
Im writing second time I hope my first comment has recieve you.I loved your dolls.You are very creative.Im a doll maker from Turkey.With my best wishes.
Helen Prana said…
You must have had an "Art Attack" then , so many dolls.
I love all of them but especially the musician : )

I so would like to learn how you make the eyes and the shading on the faces ..I noticed you have online class actually....I sure would like to take it at some point to learn , Danita!!

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