Celebrating Freedom and Making New Work...

This weekend was great! I finally could enjoy my recently lost freedom of movement and we went to an event called "Art in the park" that is hosted every month with a different theme. This time, it was one of my favorites: "The Beatlemania"!!!! With the group "Help" which characterize the group very well and let you enjoy the music live.

That, combined with the recent rain put me in a creative mood and I painted 2 new works.
The first one, a tribute to The Beatles:

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
A 6x12 mixed media painting on wood.

And the second one, an Alice in Wonderland piece. (A 6x8 mixed media painting on canvas)

What does it have to do with the Beatles? Well, I was about to paint "I'm the Walrus" which is inspired by the book and this Alice appeared out of nowhere... so here she is! "I'm the Walrus" is still on the works.

Both of them are available at my Shop.

I hope it keeps raining!


Red Cat Cards said…
These are fantastic !!
We Blog Artists said…
LOVE lucy and Alice...so pretty!
HAPPY SUMMER...sorry I haven't passed by recently.
Micki Wilde said…
Love Alices handbag!!

Micki x
NatashaMay said…
I love the Beatles! :) And these two pieces you've made are stunning.
andrea creates said…
so pretty!!
Blue Green Arts said…
I LOVE these! I think the rain helps my creativity as well... (too bad it doesn't rain very often in Phoenix!)
Danita said…
Thank you! You're always very supportive ;)
It doesn't rain much around here either... it's not called Sun City for nothing :P
jacqueline said…
Celebrating freedom sounds fantastic! I really adore your paintings ~ truely beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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