This is what I see when I look down.

I had to share this pic with you. The other day I looked down and I realized that my baby belly suddenly grew like... out of nowhere!

Now when I look down I see this roundness that was not there before. I want to meet him, and the same time and I want to keep him safe, right there where I can always look after him.


PaperPumpkin said…
How incredibly sweet and loving you are, danita! ♥ Much love to you, baby, and family during these precious times! ~Kathy
Lovely! :))))))
Java Venus said…
It's funny, i remember that feeling with my last baby....wanting to meet him, yet wanting to keep him all tucked in safe and sound whee no one could hurt him......Congratulations! I wish you lived closer, I would love to offer you a maternity photo session!
Danita said…
Thank you for the good wishes! and Also thank you for the offer Java Venus! I wish I live closer too :)

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