A weekend between Fridas, Angels and Queens!

Hi! How is your week doing? I expect it to be very busy, just like my weekend. I spent it between Clowns, Fridas, Angels and Queens and I even got the visit of a little Nurse!

On Friday, we went to the theater to see the Aga-Boom! Show. It's so funny and simple... We had a lot of fun. It made me remember that sometimes the simplest, most common things can be the best choice. If you have the opportunity to watch it in your city, go! You'll have lots of fun!

After that, I spent my time creating and here are the results of my weekend.

First of all, let me introduce you to the Queens: "Queen of imagination", "Queen of Wonder" and "Queen of Smiles".
Little mixed media collages on pressed wood 3x6 inches.
Then, here are the angels. Little winged creatures that come to remind us to Love, Enjoy and Bloom.
Little mixed media collages on pressed wood 3x6 inches.
And of course, here are the Fridas! "Frida Dreams" "Unique" and "Frida Forever".
Little mixed media collages on pressed wood 3x6 inches.

And finally, the little "Healer of the Heart". Should you have troubles or can't sleep?, She's here to help you and make you feel like new again with her extra special moon drops!
5x7 Mixed media collage on pressed wood.

All of them will be listed in my shop Today at 8:00 pm EST.

They're very small and very affordable.. you don't want to miss them!

Have a great week!


andrea creates said…
All so nice, I don't know if I could choose my favorite!
Have a great week too :)
jacqueline said…
Sound like you had a great weekend!I love all your paintings especially little "Healer of the Heart"! Gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!
Ale said…
I like all!!


Inn Country said…
I love your work and often pop over to see you new pictures. I make cloth dolls and I am looking for someone who can draw one of my dolls for my labels that will be attached to them and wanted to know if you do this kind of thing
have a beautiful day Lisa
Olive Grove Primitives
Michele Fauss said…
Every one of these pieces are adorable! I love them!
carol gourley said…
You amaze me! Everytime I go to your blog you have something new and exciting. A new and wonderful direction, but keeping your same lovely style.

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