Greetings from the moon!

Mr. Danita and Little Danita love space stuff, and they told me that today we're celebrating 50 years from Yuri Gagarin's First Space Flight... So a painting was in order!

It's me, sending you a post card from the moon =)


nowalinka said…
Sweet paint :)
Teddi said…
you made me smile. Thank you.
PaperPumpkin said…
So sweet, Danita! I am smiling now too!
Bettyann said…
rachel awes said…
i am over the moon
looking at all your loveliness!
this dear adventureous girl!
your gorgeous jewelry below!
LOVE! xo
urbancurtsy said…
I miss you, I haven't been doing as much bloggin around lately since I have been back in school. I love the new stuff, question can you make bracelets that look just like those magnets going in a circle. I would want one so bad! I have pics I need to send your way of my first oil painting in class. Although I'll be blogging about it soon! Keep inspiring me every new print I get so excited to see when it pops up on my sidebar :)
Oak said…
♥ I like your paintings ♥

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