Spring break is here!

At least for us. 14 full days. People in my street is out on vacation too and children is playing outside... who am I to stop my daughter from enjoying her vacation outside with her friends? So my little baby and I go out too... and spent most of the day outside enjoying the nice weather and talking and playing cards.

As you can see, I haven't been working much, but I managed to make a painting in the last couple of days. I usually finish it in one sitting, but this one was made in several nights and it's about music and color! I love music. I don't play any instrument but I can paint them! I think I will form a band. She will play her red piano and I'll have to paint some other fellows that make her company... but for now she's all I've got and the weather is so beautiful I think I'll head outside again!


I love the red piano.
I could use another Spring Break this year! Enjoy your break Danita.
Netty said…
Beautiful, I adore this. Annette x
Rachel Chieppa said…
Beautiful work! Spring break is a lovely time to stop and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
Sarah said…
That is adorable. We have a boring brown piano in our house...a red one would be so much fun!
Clare said…
i like that you say you can't play an instrument but you can paint them. we all have our special talents.
I just browsed through your etsy shop (so much to love and want!), and I was so happy to see you have a blog where I can stalk you. ;)
I love your style!!!
I have that issue of Sew Somerset where you were published. I will have to go look for your article now. I hope you are having a splendid weekend with your family. xo.

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