4 New Paintings!

Every day that goes by I feel better, and as I grow accustomed to my new body, my creativity has been blooming as well, and I have four new paintings available for you on my Etsy Shop... Two new Fridas, A set of Twins and one for all the music collectors out there. Enjoy!!

Frida In Blue (Sold)

Blooming Frida (Sold)


Bertha said…
Barbara said…
Love them all!!

Hugs XX
Clare said…
love love love your work - its just wonderful and makes me happy happy to look at it.
Pracownia Esta said…
Miłe są Twoje prace:)Super!
I am loving the old book pages you used in the background. You are so talented!!!!Blessings, Kori
rachel awes said…
i am
s m i t t e n
with the
music lover!!!
kisses to her!!!
(& love them all!)
Betsy Petsy said…
Piękne ! Jestem zachwycona :)
Sandra said…
Your Fridas are wonderful! Your art studio looks like tons of fun to create in.
SaraLynn said…
Oh, I love your Fridas so much! I really think you capture her very well! <3
Elvie said…
They are beautiful. When will you have the prints available?


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