A fun dinosaur hunting weekend

I'm getting ready to return home after 3 weeks of staying at my parents home to recover from my surgery. Since now I am feeling much better, we decided to take a trip to a dinosaur themed water park and enjoyed dipping my toes in the pools (I can't jump in the water just yet!)

It was a fun weekend, there are fish ponds for you feed and enjoy relaxing while you see the fish swimming about.

Small merry-go-rounds for the kids to enjoy themselves, and pools and water slides to have water fun.

Little Danita and Mr. Danita went dinosaur hunting after they spotted a long neck having lunch in the tree tops.

They found a nesting dinosaur mommy

But looks that after a while, their hunting expedition went a little awry....

But they managed to safely return to base camp.
All and all, it was a very fun weekend!


pussman and co said…
You have taken some pretty pictures!! Lovely


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