And the winner is....

Are you waiting to know who the winner is for the Frida Magazine Giveaway?
Wait no more! 
The winner is...jamileebee!!!
Who said:

"Frida has been such an inspiration throughout my life. Her remarkable story has given me strength when dealing with seemingly impossible circumstances. Each time I look at her masterpieces I see and feel something new. It speaks to my soul in a way unlike any other. I love my collection of tiny Fridas from Danita, they hover like a cluster of angels in a very special place...xoxo"

And I also got an extra copy, that goes to Sheila Earheart, who wrote:

"Hi! Oh my goodness! I'm an artist and have always loved Frida. BUT I also suffer from Fibromyalgia. Guess who else did? Frida! She was one of the first diagnosed cases. She's my hero! I even go to an FM clinic in Portland that is named after her! Can you believe my good fortune in being referred there for care? And guess what? It's called the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia in honor of Frida!"

Jamileebee and Sheila, please contact me and send me your shipping addresses so I can ship the magazines to you!

Thanks so much for participating!


Oh my goodness! I am SO excited and thankful! Frida is good luck too! I will email you right away! Thank you so much!


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