Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving day today, close to your family and loved ones.

Although Thanksgiving is not a Mexican tradition, we embraced the celebration in our family as a way to be thankful for everything we have, besides,  who wants to pass on a yummy turkey?

I am grateful for My Family, two beautiful children that fill my life with joy and laughter, I am grateful for my Husband who loves me, I am grateful for my home where I can sleep every night.

I am grateful for the Internet, which has let me become an artist and meet all the people I've met and the opportunities it has brought into my life.

I am very grateful for my job and my shop that keeps on growing every year, which lets me do what I like when I feel like it, for I was withering before I became an artist, and I am infinitely grateful for all the love you send when you say you like my work, for It fills my heart and the world my characters live in with joy and happiness. The feed on it and multiply it, and send it back to you on every new thing I create.

Thank you for letting me make the world a more beautiful place.

Happy Thanksgiving Day from the bottom of my heart!


I am grateful for you, Danita!

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