My first solo show: All you need is love

Valentine's day has never approached so fast, and that's because this year will have a new meaning: My first solo show: "All you need is love" will open on February 13th. I'm so excited! And nervous! It's not the first time that I participate in an art exhibition but it's the first time that it's all about my work and my work alone. Just me. And my work.  Scary... and so exciting!!!  And it will be in the city that I lived for many years, the city where my family lives: Chihuahua, Chihuahua in Mexico.

That's one of the reasons why I've been painting large lately... and also why I've been so busy. Painting large is not as easy as I thought... and It's more time consuming also! But so liberating and beautiful! And seeing your work in a large scale after you've finish it's so rewarding!

This is the space where my paintings will be displayed (no chairs of course). It's a beautiful, beautiful historic building named Casa Siglo XIX and has a permanent collection of one of Chihuahua's top artists: Sebastian

I wish you all could go and join me there, but since it's another country I understand not everyone can fly over... I'll be more than happy with your warm wishes and your rooting and support from far away.

Wish Me Success!!!

El dia de san valentin se acerca rapidamente y como nunca, y es porque en este año va a tener un significado muy especial para mi, mi primera exhibicion individual: "Todo lo que necesitas es amor" abre el 13 de Febrero. Estoy tan emocionada! Y nerviosa! No es la primer exhibicion en la que participo, pero si la primera en la que se muestra solo mi trabajo. Solo yo. Y mi trabajo... Da miedo, pero es muy emocionante!

Esta exhibicion es una de las razones por las que he comenzado a pintar en formato mas grande, y por lo que he estado tan ocupada. Pintar en gran formato no es tan sencillo como parece... y consume mucho tiempo! Pero es liberador y hermoso trabajar y dejar las emociones fluir, y ver el fruto del trabajo.

El espacio donde va a ser la exhibicion es una sala en un edificio historico llamado Casa Siglo XIX hogar de la coleccion permanente del escultor Sebastian.

Me encantaria que todos ustedes pudieran asistir a la inaguracion, pero como es en otro pais entiendo si no pueden volar hasta aca... Les agradezco desde ahora todos los buenos deseos y el apoyo que me mandan desde tan lejos.

Deseenme Exito!!! 



How exciting!! You're gonna do great!! :)
carol gourley said…
You are going to be awesome!!!!
Congratulations on your first solo exhibition! I've always been a great fan of your work!
Carmen said…
Congratulation, I can't be there. I live in the UK but wish you lots of luck.
Unknown said…
Wish I could be there in person...I will be there in spirit. Two thumbs up talented one!! *smiles* Norma, x
Lisa said…
Wish I could be there! You are going to have a fabulous show!
Jan J. said…
Congratulations! How exciting and well deserved. The building looks really beautiful. That new big painting is lovely.
Carmen said…
Congratulations and how exciting!!! What a beautiful venue. I can see very good things coming from this - just wish I could be there. Best of luck! :-)
jo so and sew said…
Congratulations, well done and good Luck!
Ana. said…
Felicidades por esta exhibición!! Te lo mereces, pues tus obras son maravillosas.

Quiero también darte las gracias por poner la entrada también en español. Este idioma precioso que tanto debemos defender y que nos une a una serie de pueblos con una singularidad, unos valores y una creatividad que nos hace sentirnos muy orgullosos.

Desde España te envío un saludo muy especial!!
Lisa said…
Congratulations! What a lovely setting to show your art in! I wish I could fly to Mexico to see it in person!! I am currently taking your online course and you are such an inspiration. I especially love your color choices they are almost mesmerizing.
Stephanie Amos said…
I'm so excited for you! I can hardly wait to hear all about it! =)
Clare said…
Success success to you - what fun a solo exhibition!
Sunny K. Lee said…
Congratulations~ how exciting!!!! Hope all goes well for you:) Happy Painting ~!!!
Nathaly said…
Wow! Magnifiquement beau ;-)
Susan Burgess said…
Oh I already wrote you a message and it went away so here it goes again....
I am very proud of you Danita! You have so much courage and fortitude! You need a little rest after such a huge endevour to regain your muse is all. So take two days to sleep more and pamper yourself and then shewill return!!!!
Not as famous as you are yet... but knowing small successes and the let down that comes afterwards which it always does nomatter how successful we are, you need rest so you can get back to your drawing board.
I think it's adoreable the wee one brought you the biggest bouquette! Nothin beats love. If the world were only smaller I would have come to your show too and been a cheering fan!!!! Hugs and congratulations Danita, Sanna

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