Summer time

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The last weeks of school before summer break always go so fast. Between festival rehearsals, kid's parties, my daughter's birthday, my birthday, my sister's birthday and last minute details, my life gets into chaos mode and the thing that goes neglected first (besides my sleep) is my blog.  

We celebrated my birthday going to a Hotel in Las Cruces, N.M. and spending the weekend there. 10 hours straight in the pool, just briefly interrupted by a 15 minute meal and frequent bathroom visits (I have 2 children!). Everybody came and went and we were still there.  I don't have a single picture because we were in the pool the whole day but It's been one of my best birthdays EVER.  The children didn't even fight in the whole day!  No cake by the way, but it doesn't matter. Still lots of fun.

And last week we went camping! It was the first time we went camping with the kids and they loved it. I love the quietness of the forest and the weather and they did too. And they loved the tent! I think it was their favorite part. It was such a pleasant experience we want to do it again, and soon! 

Now, we have 2 months of summer vacations ahead. No school means boredom, at least for my older one, but I'm prepared!  We got one of those 10 feet inflatable pools and we've had it the whole week and even though the water is cold (our backyard is so tiny and most of it is covered) they have been enjoying dipping into it every day and makes the heat more bearable. 

I'll have to adjust to not having the morning for myself again and try to squeeze some art creating time into the day.

Meanwhile, it's summer… enjoy it!


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