Thinking about the sea... new mermaids!

I've been thinking about going to the sea a lot lately. Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's just that summer vacations are just around the corner, I can't take the idea out of my mind.

But going to the beach is not an option right now, so instead, I'm painting with the sea as a theme.

I have many sea related sketches and I've managed to paint  2 mermaids so far (between my daughter's party and the daily activities, I'm not left with much time to work lately). 

One of the mermaids has a boat. She dreams of traveling other seas, to never settle in one place.  The other has a home. She wishes she never has to leave.  That's the duality I'm living right now.  One part of me wishes I could travel places and live the life of a gypsy. Take my children with me and home school them and travel and work from wherever I am. The other wishes to find a place I can call home that I don't want to leave and settle there and create a little paradise of my own.

Am I the only one struggling with that or does that happen to you too?


Jeannine said…
I feel exactly the same way! Could have written this myself. ;-) I'm in the middle of a divorce and have moved back in with my dad and miss my own home. Part of me wants to renovate an airstream and travel across the country with my little pug, Lily, and the other part of me longs for the comfort and familiarity of my own home. I'm right with you, Danita. ;-) These girls are lovely! XO
Effie said…
I'm in constant conflict....not only in my thoughts and dreams but in my crafting style ..... One minute clean and graphic the other grungy and strange...I'm not good with moderation or compromise.
Melanie said…
Love the mermaids a lot.
Liefs, Melanie
Sue Allemand said…
No Danita - You're definitely NOT alone! :) I'm living a duality myself - for the last couple years. I KNOW where I want to be (which happens to be by the ocean as well! In San Diego)...but I CAN'T be there right now and it's so frustrating - trying to be patient and wait. My husband is a firefighter in WI and he can't retire and leave the state for another 6 years! But my soul wants the sea!! I'm lucky enough to have a place and daughter out there - and get to be there numerous times a year -- but I can't wait to be there full-time. In the meantime, I try to focus on my art business -- living in the moment -- and dreaming about 6 years from now! :) Keep dreaming about that fun vacation Danita - and when you get there - soak in every minute! :)
Danita Art said…
Tough decision, right? Specially when you're not alone and it's not only your choice but the family's as well... Hang in there and dream meanwhile!

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