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Holidays are crazy around here. I bet they're are for you too. With 2 kids, a husband with a full time job that comes home to help me with my midnight job we're all pretty busy during the year, but when the Holidays approach things just go into crazy mode. And in top of that I've been having headaches (which I found, fortunately, are for my lack of use of eyeglasses. Problem fixed as soon as I wear them the whole day). 

So yesterday I was making some ornaments, and I was soooo tired that I ruined them all. Yep, not a single one survived. That hadn't happened to me in a long time, so it's kind of frustrating. But I'll try again today, I just need to find some tools I know I have somewhere in my mess, I mean, my studio. 

What turned out great were the pictures of the new kokeshi dolls! They were going to be something different but then an angel saved me the other day and I had to honor my guardian angel.

I was driving with my kids after picking up my daughter from swimming school when traffic stopped suddenly in the middle of a bridge because there was an accident ahead. We were slowly rolling in the traffic jam when out of nowhere a truck appeared on the lane next to me, did not brake in time and skidded out of control towards our car.

I was seeing myself and my kids pinned by the truck against the bridge wall when a hand guided my steering wheel, helped me swerve between two stopped cars and avoided the truck by mere inches. We saw the truck crash against the bridge wall exactly where we were as we got out of the way with not even a scratch.

The only way I can explain this is with knowing that my guardian angel is looking after me, it was very scary. when I got home, I decided I had to thank my guardian angel, and I had a set of Kokeshi dolls that were waiting for me to work on them... So I made a guardian angel! With a house to look after and all.

And being me, I could no stop with only one, So I made a set of hand painted kokeshi angels, with trees, translucent paper wings and a little touch of collage. They have been protecting me a lot, so it's time to share that love with you.

They're finally ready for adoption and I don't know which one to call a favorite... It is wrong that I say it but I'm amazed at how I can paint their tiny little faces and make them look so expresive... believe me, when I look at them I wonder how I did it...


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you and your children are ok! Guiding hands for sure. The dolls are beautiful as always.
Denise said…
Oh, Danita...I love your sweet lil' angels. Each is simply adorable! :D
Unknown said…
wow! glad your angel is such a good driver.
believe indeed!
love your angels.
I am so glad you guys did okay that day!! It sounds like a pretty scary incident.

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