Sending you my best for the Holidays :)

Another year has come and gone with great experiences and events for everyone, and Christmas  time always gets me in a contemplative mood, reviewing everything that happened to me trough the year.

It has been a year full of traveling and meeting my friends and fans on my classes, it's always a delight to meet you and share time with you while we learn to make beautiful things, living away from a strong art community, your company means a lot to me.

I've had to learn the balancing act of being a full time family head during the day and then a full time artist at night. It's full of compromises, long nights and little sleep. It's a tough act to follow but I would not change it for the world.

I've had to learn to let go. Having something you really desire within your grasp and then taken away from you in an instant, and then moving on with your life is a very difficult lesson I had to go trough.
But all in all, I am grateful for everything that has happened trough the year. Ups and downs are a part of everyday life and I have had tons of both.

The thing that always keeps me going is my love for creating beauty. I always come back to it when I am down, pour my soul into it and then I release it into the world, where you take it and give it a new meaning, a new beginning and a million possibilities in your hands.

Now that the year is closing, I want to thank you for that opportunity, creating and sharing my soul on everything I make means the world to me.

I hope the holidays bring a million hugs, endless love and countless memories, and that the new year brings new beginnings, new opportunities and many, many beautiful memories.


Unknown said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours Danita! Thank you for sharing you beautiful talent with the world!
Janine said…
This is super cute.
I wish you a happy Christmas too

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