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I had an ultimatum from Mr. Danita. Or I get rid of some books or I can't buy another one. That's painful. Snif snif. I have MANY, many books and It's hard to get rid of them... specially since all of them have at least ONE valuable thing to learn... but there are some new coming and I want them so I'm selling these. They're all great and almost in like new condition. The Scrapbookers essential guide to color even has an unopened CD. If someone is interested just send me an email at or leave me a comment and I'll contact you :) (plus Actual Shipping)

8.50 + SH

SOLD, thanks!

SOLD, Thanks!

SOLD, Thanks!

5.00 + SH


Ms Dragonfly said…
i could never let go of books i love. i say that with two boxes almost full of books i've had for years and never got around to reading. so i figure i never will. i'm making room for the new ones i know i will read! my heart goes out to you, it's hard to let go.

i love these books, what would you recommend for me who wants to do paintings, mixed media style for etsy? if i get a check soon i just might have to buy one!
Danita said…
I know!!! It's painful! It took me a LONG time to decide in which ones to let go... Anyway, "In this house" has many wonderful ideas and techniques in mixed media, so I would go for that one. And the Scrapbookers guide to color is very good helping you choosing palettes for your creations. Hope this helps :)
Me encantaria haber visto esto antes, Art From The Heart se ve que esta muy interesante. Me podris decir si el de Art Journals esta igual de interesante?. Yo no me puede deshacer de los pocos libros que tengo, ni siquera de las revistas, pero algunas veces ya no las encuentro y sospecho de mi esposo jaja, pero como ya vez que el espacio es limitado, o las revistas o yo jaja.
Apple said…
Those look like some wonderful books...too bad I am on a budget right now!! :( (maybe next time)
Ciara Brehony said…
Hi Danita! Just discovered you. WOW! I love what I see and look forward to having a browse. From one book-lover to another, I hear you! Thankfully my man is a book-lover too!
Krissy said…
How sad. I know how you feel. I have sick amount of totally fabulous magazines (my fave is Mary Engelbreits, Home rocks) and my man cut me off from buying more and I had to ditch a bunch (but not the home companions. And I warned that if he touched them, he'd have to get ditched with the rest of the mags!)
Lenae May said…
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Lenae May said…
I love the title of your books! I wish you had your color one up about a month ago...I just bought one from Barnes and Noble.
I am ALWAYS inspired in some way from books like this.
You can never know what technique might come in handy in you own work until you get one of these in your hands!It's kinda like magic!
By the way...if you see a deleted comment from me...I'm playing with my technology! haha. I just reposted my comment.

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