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Paula said…
Love your art...I follow your blog and your work on ESTY and EBAY. You may want to check out a new artist on ebay whose work looks much like yours. Art imaginations, I think is the name...I did a search of "fairy folk" under the ART category and it came up. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know.

I enjoy your art so much... one day I will be able to buy one of your pieces! Paula
Krissysart said…
Lovely new items. The spring fairy doll is delightful and your pendants, as always, are wonderful to look at!
Sabbio said…
I love your mother and daughter + spring fairy dolls. Lovely! And the parade painting is really enlightning :)
Rebz said…
I discover your work! I find it very beautiful!! congratulation! and good luck for your shop!
Jenn said…
She is soooo sweet Danita! Love all your new treats:) xo..jenn
Alina Chau said…

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