Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day! I did! I received the day in the park with my neighbors laughing and my baby playing and the next day my husband let me sleep until noon!!! Then he and the one who made me a mother gave me some wonderful gifts. Let's see:
  1. A "Wreck this journal"... already wrecked by my daughter
  2. A box of Godiva chocolates... my favorites... and also my daughter's. She quickly opened the box and tried every one of them.
  3. A "mom" balloon... if it says mom it should be her mom so the ballon must be hers, right? or so she thinks...
  4. And my favorite, a greeting card with beautiful scribblings by her. What would be, I hope, the first of many cards that she will make for me on mother's day.
Well, I'm off to watch some TV... enjoy the rest of the day!!!


You must be an extra special mom if you shre your Godiva! I'm glad you had an extra special day.
Lunara said…
Espero hayas pasado un excelente día.. besotes..!
Mmmmmmm Chocolates, guardame uno jaja. Espero que la hayas pasado super bien junto a tu familia. Saludos. Lillian
noodle and lou said…
oooooh....sleeping until noon!!? Now that is a wonderful gift!!! :):)
Krissy said…
I think if I got to sleep til' noon I would kill over and die of joy! Sounds like you had a great one. Yes, those homemade scribbles just can't be beat.
Nancy Malay said…
Gald you had a nice Mother's Day-you can't go wrong with chocolate!


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