Chrissi B wrote about my Etsy shop

Chrissi B is a wonderful blogger, and every Thursday she posts about neat stuff she finds on Etsy. This week it was my turn to appear on her feature.

She's very nice, talks about what she liked about my art (Blush) If you're curious,
drop by her blog!

Thanks a lot Chrissi, you rock!


Michelle said…
She is right,you are fabulous!
Danita said…
Thanks Michelle... you're making me blush :P
Adriana Whitney said…
Yes, you are great. I love the way you paint the eyes, it is like 3D. I think she made a mistake with the pricing though "mere 5 dollars" where, where!? *running to check out the store*
Ruth said…
Thankyou for replying to my post about your brooch :) I like your blog,
Danita said…
Go check the aceos Adriana ;)
chrissib said…
thanks for the kind words danita ...i hope we can share again sometime ....enjoy! chrissi b
sMacThoughts said…
On my way!
I love your shop and am so happy you are continuing to find sucess and to explore new mediums...I'll be watching your venture into're off to a good start!

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