A new week already!!

And it's Monday again!!! Where did the weekend go? I was supposed to give a bath to an elephant this weekend... Instead we were trapped home because of the bad weather :(
Anyway... that's a good excuse to make some sketches and catch up in pending commissions with all the free time inside the house. And today, it's 3:45 pm and I haven't even taken a bath!
Well, I supposed I go directly to the shower... Happy week everyone!!!


Zom said…
i love seeing other people's sketch books. Thanks for the peek.
Krissy said…
Elephant? Wow, you have a truly exciting and eclectic life!
melody said…
Hello! We don't know each other, but I've fallen in love with your art... I hope you don't mind :)

Too bad about the elephant, that would have been such fun!
Hey Danita

love your little drawings in your workbook... I also have a workbook, it is my treasure.

Unknown said…
I can't wait to see your sketches painted! They are soooo cute. I really like the little girl sitting on the moon.

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