Friday, May 30, 2008

My new obsession...

Embroidery! I can't get enough of it. I love it on clothes, on bags, on home items, brooches and most of all, I love it on art. I've been working on some new collages in which I've incorporated a little bit of embroidery. I just ordered a book to teach myself how to do more stitches but I
think my favorite is the running one. Here are some details. The paintings will be available soon :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Insomnia is getting better.

Thank you really for all your help. I tried several of the things you said and I think they're working. Specially not worrying in bed and Melatonin! That do wonders!... It also helps going to bed at 3 or 4 for a full week in a row and waking up at 7... that make you sleepy the next week hehe... On the bright side, there are many fruits of my insomia now! I made dolls, pendants and paintings... I'll show you later when I make the update. I also finished several commissions that I had pending. Now they're all finished!!! Here's one of them, a big mermaid! I left the background so you get an idea of the size (there's a sneak peek of my new dolls too). Pay no attention to the mess as it is always the same (or worse!)...

By the way, have you heard that Somerset is publishing some new magazines? This is so exciting as many of us were begging for some magazines of that type! If you're interested in submitting here is the info (Click on them to make them bigger).

I'll leave you for now. But I'll be back with more pics of my latest work. I promise!

Thursday, May 22, 2008



This is all I can think about lately: SLEEP. Seriously, I need some. I've been having insomnia for more than 2 weeks now and I can't barely hold myself up now. I see everything blur, I'm cranky and mad all the time... I like to sleep a lot and I didn't used to have problems until now. Even my husband joked with me that I was the man of the house because I put my head in the pillow and I was as sleep as a rock... not even my baby crying would wake me up!... and now... now I'm miserable... and worrying about not sleeping is just making it worse... please HELP!!!! Anybody knows any good remedies for that? Taking pills is not an option.. I tried them and I felt like I was drugged and the feeling didn't go away in the whole day.... please? anybody?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the winner is......

Congratulations to Post #2..... KF!!!!!!! Please send me an eMail with your address (You can send it from my profile link) and I'll send your prize.

This was fun!!!! Stay tuned, because I'm going to do it again... soon.
Many, many thanks to everyone who participated!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi everybody! I hope you're having a great weekend. Yesterday was a beautiful day.. it rained!!! (here that's like a miracle)... So today I'm so happy that I'm doing a giveaway. If you're not the lucky owner of one of my pendants now here's your chance :P Just leave a comment... or your name... or just a letter, but say something and I'll draw the names next Tuesday (I don't work on Mondays). Good luck!

Update: Blog comments will be closed at 8:00 pm east. You still have time!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eiffel tower

Today I made hotcakes. It was nice to get a break from the usual breakfast. It was also nice because when i was cleaning the kitchen I saw that one of the drips from the batter had formed a little Eiffel tower. That made me think in all the things I overlook everyday because they are always there, because they are too small or just because I don't pay enough attention.

Click to make bigger

I noticed how many wonderful things surround me. Even when dying my my roses from Mother's day are still beautiful.

The peeling wings of one of my angels are just perfect.

Beautiful flowers are blooming.

And even the food I'm about to eat is a completely masterwork.

Next time, I'll look closer at everything around me and try to find beauty in them. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day! I did! I received the day in the park with my neighbors laughing and my baby playing and the next day my husband let me sleep until noon!!! Then he and the one who made me a mother gave me some wonderful gifts. Let's see:
  1. A "Wreck this journal"... already wrecked by my daughter
  2. A box of Godiva chocolates... my favorites... and also my daughter's. She quickly opened the box and tried every one of them.
  3. A "mom" balloon... if it says mom it should be her mom so the ballon must be hers, right? or so she thinks...
  4. And my favorite, a greeting card with beautiful scribblings by her. What would be, I hope, the first of many cards that she will make for me on mother's day.
Well, I'm off to watch some TV... enjoy the rest of the day!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Hi. I've been getting several emails asking me if I'm selling work under other ID on eBay and the answer is NO. Please be aware that I only sell my work on ebay under the Id and that all my listings have the name DANITA on them.

By the way, thank you for your support and loyalty!!


Monday, May 05, 2008

Work work work

I told you I was going to work. I did. And a lot. I manage to make some new dolls and paintings and to rework one that I have currently for sale on PFATT but that I didn't quite like it... there was something missing... now it's finished! The vintage wash just added a sense of deep and togetherness that makes my eyes very happy :) What do you think? I think it looks so much better now. Besides the pictures in the page are soooo bad ... this one is totally different (note to myself: next time take the pictures during the day, not in the middle of the night).

I'm also experimenting with layers on texture and I'm loving it. I had worked with this kind of texture before but I now I'm taking a different approach and the results are so much better. Mixed media at its best. Here, a self portrait with green eyes and blonde hair:

And finally, a shrine (thank you for the trimming Jane!):

See? When I say I'll work, I work... and when I say I won't do anything... I still get some work done :P

Saturday, May 03, 2008

So many things to celebrate...

I have meant to work. I swear it. I even have some dolls already waiting for me to paint them. But with so many celebrations is almost impossible. First Children's day that we spent with Lillian and her family (thanks for inviting us Lillian!). Then yesterday was Mr. Danita's birthday!!! (Happy birthday to youuuuuuu) and today we decided to take a break from our usual weekend and go and spend a whole day together and the first thing we did we went to the Zoo. We enjoy a lot going there. My baby loves the monkeys and I love the elephants. But what she loves the most is an out of service carousel because she gets to ride on every animal. After that a trip to Toys R Us that took us almost the whole afternoon ... a nice mexican dinner and then go home and do nothing... oh those are the Saturdays I love! Now I'm off to watch some TV and enjoy the 22 minutes left of the day because tomorrow I have LOTS of things to do!!!
Enjoy your weekend!