Free desktop wallpaper for all of you.

I know you must envy Kelly because she won the chocolate and the tin and you didn't. But I'm a good girl and I have something for you too (And for you, and for you too).

From time to time... or better said, in my free time (that is not much), I like to play with Photoshop and my Wacom tablet. Today was one of those days and I make something for you :) It's a free desktop wallpaper! Is my first one and I hope you like it. To download it just click on the image, it will open a big one. Right click on that one and then select "Set image as wallpaper" or "Set as a desktop background" (or something like that hehe). And you're done! It may not be edible but it sure will brighten your day :)

Enjoy it!


How Fabulous! Thank you <3
PEA said…
How very sweet of you to share your art. I was thinking I needed a change now I will have one. Thank you so very much.
Lisa said…
This is so cute. Now my desktop inspires me. :) Thank you!
Samantha said…
Thank you so much, I love it:) I'm super happy, I will be buying something from you soon. Searching around again what to get:)
Anonymous said…
Thank You! How wonderful and how cheerful! dix---
dix said…
Thank you. This is so cheerful and creative!
Mimi73 said…
Great Idea :)

We Blog Artists said…
Thanks Danita...that's so sweet of going to put on my wallpaper now!
Carrot said…
The picture is so cute, and the whole blog as well. I love your blog!

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