Spooky times jingles

This month I'm participating with the talented ladies from Spookytimesjingles!! I'm so excited, this is a one time only participation as a guest artist. I love to have the chance to offer some Halloween pieces this time of the year :)

If you want to take a peek, follow this link:

And thank you for voting for me and for all your comments! I'm still crossing my fingers, let's see what happens! Oh and I have a surprise for you, but I need to take a pic first... so I'll let you know tomorrow....


GlorV1 said…
Have fun with Spooky Time Jingles. Have a great weekend. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day.
Chicken Lips said…
Just wanted to welcome you to Spookytime Jingles. Your illustrations are absolutely wonderful! Oh, and by the way...we're not ALL ladies on STJ ;)
Those are wonderful! The second one is especially grabs my heart. I agree, its always a good time for Halloween art :)

Samantha Anderson said…
I am so happy to have been exposed to you and ALL the beautiful art you are creating! You have inspired me sooo much! Again, I am soo soo very happy to have found your art...especially your dolls...oh and the paintings....and the jewlery ! I love it all !

A true fan,
Samantha A.

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