Suffering from Withdrawal Syndrome....

Hello everyone, Mr Danita here. I Hope you are having a great St. Patrick's Day!

I just dropped by from work to let you know that the fabric brooches/pins are now available at Danita's Etsy store. Grab them while they are available.

Some dumb driver hit a telephone pole or something really early on Monday morning and left the entire block without phone service, so we've been without internet for the whole week... That's why Danita's been so quiet. I'm wondering what's she's up to without a computer. I better go straight home before she starts lurking around behind coffee shops dumpsters trying to get free internet from them.... If you see her around your block, don't get scared she's not dangerous... hahaha. Hopefully our service will be restored soon!

Keep on having a great day!


Anonymous said…
Oh,no quitting the internet cold turkey-lol
Hopefully that gets taken care of soon.
I'm going to check out the pins in the shop:)
Take care-
Artfulife said…
Oh I hope you are able to get back on line soon.
suze said…
Thanks for the update Mr.D. You are so funny.
suzi blu said…
Way to go sweetheart!

snippetgirl said…
OH, that is the worst!! Danita probably feels like she is missing an arm without Internet access. I understand that feeling. Thanks for the update, Mr. Danita :).
Edie said…
Thank goodness you're back on!!! We all know the feeling ;)
and... wow for your new necklaces- I LOVE them!!
kecia deveney said…
i'm liking this idea, Mr. D of you "ghost blogging" for Danita. maybe i'll have Mr. Lemoncholy pinch hit for me once in a while!

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