Here I am again!

Hi again! I'm back! The recovery from the removal of the balloon was hard... (for the ones who have no idea what I'm talking about but like to know more, click here) I always have trouble metabolizing the anesthesia but I'm ok now and I have very good news! I don't have all the numbers, but so far I've lost 33 pounds!!!!!!!! (insert trumpets here!) I'm so excited! And so far no hunger... I thought that I would feel ravenous without the balloon but I've been eating the same things and the same quantities than before and I feel good with them. I've realized I used to eat too much, and now I have better control of it. I still need to lose other 30 but I'm motivated and with the warm weather I feel that is easier to do it. That's it from my weight loss journey from now, but I'll keep you updated! I'm preparing stuff for a shop update and I'll give you all the info later during the week... Have a wonderful day! Danita


nollyposh said…
~Congratulations~ X:-)
Sabbio said…
I am so glad for you Danita! Keep going so positively! ^^
Naija said…
welcome and recover now..if i understood right you have made your stomach smaller for having weightloss???
So glad you are starting to feel better :) and congrats on losing 33 pounds- thats an amazing accomplishment. can't wait to see the shop update.
Em x
Heidi said…
Congratulations! I've never heard of the balloon thing. It sounds like a better alternative to the gastric bypass thing. Can't wait to see what art you come up with next! Way to go on the weight loss!
Wishing you continued success Danita! I lost 25-28 lbs last year and have gained back about 15 and I'm so angry with myself. I'm starting today back on my plan too: exercise and healthy eating.
I think it has and always will be a struggle for me. I'm such an 'all or nothing' type person so when I'm good, I'm really good. When I'm bad..well, you get the picture! ha
Good luck to you!! Good luck to both of us! :)
Artfulife said…
30 lbs is how much I need to loose. I just want to feel healthy and not so tired. I will be rooting for you on your weight loss goals. If you can create the amazing art that you create then I am sure you can do anything you set your mind to. Best of luck! I always enjoy your art updates. You are truly an amazing artist.
Danita said…
Thanks a lot for the support!
Naija, I had an intragastric balloon in my stomach that made me eat less, I lost weight with it but still my waist didn't loose much. When they removed it I lost extra inches because the balloon was taking too much space :)
Judy Wise said…
I'm so happy and proud of you Danita. I know this will give you a boost of energy and confidence; you are my new hero. xo
Adriana Whitney said…
That is so good Danita! I am so happy for you. 33lbs wow! that is awesome.
You will do great! wishing you the best.
Danita: Be happy that the balloon motivated you and that you didn't have to have a bypass. Looking forward to seeing your next art projects. You just keep getting more and more creative! We've been spending time looking at artwork today and need to get out there and snap a good photo for tomorrow's blog. Have a great week and keep your WILLPOWER! Urge to overeat? Just get up and go do something else! YOU CAN DO IT!
that is so good, well done you!!!

It does help when the weather is warmer, that for sure.
tascha said…
Great news Danita!
I'm glad you're ok! Congratulations!
Mariah DeMarco said…
* well wishes * and congrats on the 33 pounds! Thats great! ^_^ Yipee!
Doreen Frost said…
Congratulations Danita! your art!

Oh Danita, I am so proud of you . The past 10 years I keep bouncing up and down on the scale . Each time adding just a bit more. I keep say" when I get through this ,or that" I will lose it all and I start on a long term life plan, life style diet . I start and then the plan last 3 days... a week and then I am right back to my old habits. I more structured program is what I need something like weight watchers, but I keep balking .I think the committed plan you started will really be the key for you. Structured plans seem to be what really works for a lot of people. You did really good!!! And you keep going girl!!!! I am so happy for you and the 33 lb!. that has to feel wonderful!! hugs Julie
suzanne.artist said…
Wishing you well and a speeding healing.

Suzanne Urban
chinamommy said…
Oh best wishes to you!! Just wanted you to know how WONDERFUL i think your art is, just WONDERFUL!!!
~misschell (chinamommy on etsy)
Anonymous said…
Danita, I'm so glad you are doing well and recovering! Be good to yourself and take it easy! Jenny
Congrats on your weightloss accomplishments thus far! I know what you mean, with spring in the air it's much easier to get outside and move around. I hope the timing works out great for you :)
Maija said…
Sta strong Danita! I had the gastric bypass in 6/2007, lost 95+ pounds and I have kept my weight stable for more than a year!!
Congrats on your success!

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