New rings just added to the shop!

I'm updating the shop with new jewelry, perfect for this summer... you can wear less clothes and more accessories!


Kelly Berkey said…
so flippin' adorable!
sara said…
These rings are gorgeous!
Очень красиво и стильно!!!
Mi Joya said…
Ohhhh... beautiful again! I'm still in love with my old one but i feel i might need a second ring soon ;-)
The resin layer stays good, even after wearing it a lot! I'm making some jewelry too, and tried using glaze i ordered on Etsy, but i noticed after a while the glaze turns weird so i'll have to try something different!

I love your stuff, and it's so hard choosing a favourite between all the cute work!!
Sylvie ;-)
majana said…
awww!!! I want them!! beautiful!!
These are adorable!
You are very talented :]
I like that: less clothes and more jewelry in the summer! Pretty, danita! ♥
58 Cherries said…
So cool! And FYI - this weekend is the annual Mad Tea Party in blogland and there are lots of parties, cookies, cake, tea and giveaways to be had. I'm having one, too.

Have a great weekend!!

Hi Danita, Just loving these new rings. Sooo much great stuff to choose from on your shop. xoxo
Fedulab said…
I love your art
These rings are adorable!
Cheers from Italy
;) Fede

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