Chickens and craft shows....

 Oh my! It's me again not posting for a while... sorry about that but life gets hectic sometimes (very frequently lately). Anyway. One of the reasons I was away was that It was my turn to read to my daughter's class at school and I had to prepare an activity for them to do after the book reading. The book she chose was "The chicken of the family"by Mary Amato and illustrated by one of my favorite artists: Delphine Durand.

We got to make funny chickens at the end and the children had a very fun time... specially when they got to glue the colored feathers and the sprinkles.

 Here are some of the ones I could photograph... they were all running around with them and I couldn't make them stay together to snap one with all of them. It was so much fun!

And the other reason I've been away is that I was preparing for the last "Arte en el Parque" of the year (it runs from April to September only).  It was a good day and I really thank all the people who went there and visit the booth :)

 Oh and yesterday I went to a concert! One of my favorite rock bands in spanish, Los Enanitos Verdes.  Listening to them made me go back to my days in high school... so many good memories! It was really, really good!

But this week I'll be a better blogger, I promise!

Tomorrow, a new Halloween painting. You'll see it here ;)


Lisa said…
My little brother introduced me to this book this summer. I love it, the school is so happy to have you!!! I love your outfit!!!!
Danee said…
look at you skinny girl! Love the project- very adorable and what a fun way to let a child pick a great book to share with her friends and then topping in off with a craft! Always love a craft.
Cameron said…
I'm new to your blog...but have been a long time admirer of your whimsical art :)

Sounds like you've been enjoying life! Good....makes for a happy Artist...heehee!
Tania said…
Hi Danita, love your blog and your artwork is just amazing - you are an incredibly talented artist! Just wanted to say that I am enjoying see the new photos of you and you are looking fantastic. Congratulations
MsBittyKnacks said…
Those are some cute chickens;) I bet you had fun at the concert, Enanitos Verdes is a great band, did they sing el llanto boliviano??
PeachyCheek said…
Hi Danita! Beautiful new Halloween pieces! I love that band! That mystery have been wonderful!

You look great! How are you feeling?

Take care and be well!

Unknown said…
Wow, those chickens are awesome. Thanks for sharing your day. The artist looks great too; I will have to check out her book. :)

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