Pinteresting Mondays. Just 1 week before my workshop begins!

I just realized that it's Monday and I haven't pinned much in the last week. That's for 2 reasons, one, it was my birthday on Saturday and Father's Day yesterday. We had cake!

The second one is that I'm just one week away from the beginning of my online workshop and I'm super busy putting the finishing touches to it! I'm super excited! (Are you in yet? Class is almost full!)

So let's see what caught my eye in the past week. Some of it may inspire you as well:

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

Now I'm off to my daughter's dance presentation. She has to be at the theater early for rehearsal and I'm going to be with her. I hope I wear my blouse the right side out this time :P


Unknown said…
Beautiful picture...I'm a new fan... :)

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