More awesome work...

I know it's been a week since my last post, I have no excuse (well, really I have tons!). But here I am again, sharing the wonderful work of more of my students.  Aren't they great!?



Pam Drapala said…
All are most beautiful Danita. You are not only a fabulous artist, you are also a fabulous teacher! You are blessed.
Oh I love the design with the girl on the swing.
Toooooo cute.
Everything else is beautiful also.
What a gorgeous work. Beautiful all of them.
Lovely greet
jinxxxygirl said…
So nice to see you doing something a little bit different .....hugs! deb
Mel said…
I love this collection. The red ridding hood figure is my fav. Beautiful art.
Unknown said…
Love them all... :)
Dear Fireflies said…
Wow. You must be so proud! These are all beautiful, your students are so talented! You must be a great teacher too. :)
Lots of really great pieces among your students' work. You obviously taught them well!
Eclectic Works said…
Beautiful work!!!

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