Working hard: A preview of my latest paintings

My children started school today (sniff, sniff) , that means that I'll have some free time in the mornings and I'll be updating my blog and my shop more often (yay!)

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been working lately,  but I've been working mostly at night and I'm focusing on actually making some art (instead of just posting about it he he).  

Here's a preview of my latest paintings.  Want to see the whole thing? Sign up for my newsletter here


Anonymous said…
Love this little sneak peek Danita. Enjoy your time in the mornings. Your life will become more hectic as the kids grow up.

Hug to you too,

Sue Cervantez
Unknown said…
Whaa I love your latest!
I really love the colors.
Unknown said…
Hi Danita,
I'm back to school on the 4th September sniff sniff. I have loved being at home just pottering about with art supplies. The art you have been doing look gorgeous.. :)

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