New work!

I'm still trying to catch up from the time away, filling up your orders (thanks so much for those!), answering emails, unpacking (yes, I still haven't finished!) and also taking pictures and making new prints and new art.  It can get so overwhelming if you add my 2 little ones demanding attention (and food) during the day.  I'm so sleep deprived but I spent more than a week without doing any art and I was itching to start creating again and share with you my latest paintings (some of which where made before leaving, and one was made during the workshop!).  So let's begin!

 They are already listed in the shop waiting for a kind soul to take them home.
Want to take a peek and learn more about them?


 Knitty Kitty. 6x8 Inches on Canvas.
What's better than a kitty that can knit? You don't have to worry about her tangling your yarn or messing up with your knits in progress. She's as tidy as can be and will gladly knit some socks for you in the winter.  And you can adopt her here.

Little Red Riding Hood and Little Green Riding Hood. 8 inches on canvas.
They're both Woodland creatures and love to gather mushrooms and pines to decorate their cabins. They're beautiful by themselves and even better when paired together.
Little Red is available here and Little Green here.

Party Owl. 5x7 inches on Canvas.
Mr. Owl may look a little sad, but he's all ready to party on! He just put his little hat and his bow tie and it's all handsome, don't you think?
Take him to the party here.

"The acorn hunter" 6x8 inches on canvas.
Whenever my daughter and I have the chance, we go hunting for acorns to use their tops as little hats for our fingers. Then we draw faces on them and play together. We love to do this and we will gladly use real acorn hats if there were big enough (or we were small enough!).
This painting was all about that and you can get it here.

"Love is all you need". 8x10 inches on Deep Wood Cradled Panel.
All you need is love. Love is all you need. No matter how you say it, it's so true. I like to remind myself of this and keep it present. At the end, it's all about the love.
Want this reminder all year up displayed at your favorite spot of the house?
Grab it here.

"In a boat" 8x8 inches on deep wood cradled panel.
This belongs to a series I'm making about a girl who is trying to find a place to settle, so she's carrying her home with her around the world in search of that perfect place.
Maybe your home is the perfect place for her.
Get it here.

"Hearts abound" 8x10 inches on deep wood cradled panel.
This is the piece I made as a demo for my live workshop at Crescendoh Studio. It was made step by step while my students were watching and learning from it. It was so much fun! I think this piece captured the good vibes that surrounded us during that day and all the love that was present.
You can get it here.

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