Danita's Medal for Merit Goes To Felix Baumgartner

I case you've been under a rock for the past weeks, Felix Baumgartner jumped out from a balloon at 120,000 feet.... And survived. 

I followed Felix's jump story since Mr. Danita showed it to me, Little Danita and Mr. Danita are space geeks, and I'm not that much into it but I found his feat very interesting and we've been following his story.

We were all disappointed when the jump got cancelled and I felt so bad for him when I saw his face on a pic they posted on the cancellation day =(

Then on Sunday we got to watch the jump live while we were at balloon fiesta... I was on the edge when I saw him step up to the edge and then jump!

I found what he did inspiring, my daughter wants to be an astronaut one day and his jump got her exited about it and made it real. He reminded us that if you really set your mind into it you can do what you what you want, no matter how crazy and insane it looks to someone else.

For That Mr Felix, I award you the 

Danita's Medal For Merit,
For Being Such A Brave And Inspiring Man


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