Long weekend, lots of new stuff!

So how was your weekend? I enjoy mine very much. My husband had Monday off and we spent it together during the morning while the kids are at school. We went to have breakfast to a restaurant and then went home to watch "The hunger games". I wanted to watch it even since it was on the Movie Theater but we couldn't, but yesterday, popcorn and all, we did.  We needed the time alone so bad!

I also got time to finish some of the works in progress that I had in my table!

First, I finished the Frida Catrina paintings that I had in progress. 

I also finished this one, not a Catrina, but a Frida.

And guess what else? 
Mini dolls and some bigger ones. 
I'm still not done with Halloween, I wish I had more time to do all the stuff that it's in my mind!

Shop update will be this Thursday,
I'll share some more new stuff tomorrow and tell you the time.
  Stay tuned!


Dyan said…
Danita, I wish I could get to the movies and have popcorn too! I want to see the new Tim Burton movie. I love Halloween so I definitely understand where you're coming from. The dolls look adorable I love the little one with her coffin - it made me smile, in a spooky way:)
Alenka said…
so beautiful art work ;)

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