Getting back to work....

I want to thank you all for your comments either here or in my facebook page. They really helped. You were right, sometimes going outside, changing the ways, doing something completely unrelated to art and re charging the batteries will work. I managed to make some new art!!!

One of the things that I did was using a different medium, that kind of took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to create.  I'm falling in love with watercolors all over again.  This is the way that I started, painting my dog in watercolors...

I am also experimenting with beeswax again. As the weather is getting just a little bit warmer, it's a lot more bearable to open the windows and work...  my newsletter is going to the subscribers with all the new yumminess soon. Meanwhile, I just listed a bunch of brand new art prints to my little shop.

Some of these pieces you may recognized from previous artwork that I made and sold online, but some of them are pieces from my Solo Show! Like the Frida with wings, that I just looooove! (My biggest Frida piece so far, that found a home as soon as the show opened!!).

I'm getting back my usual state of mind in which I have 3 or more things I want to do and that's just fabulous for me. That's the way I like it (a-ha a-ah).

Happy day!


Delightful work, Michelle, and it's great to know that you're out of the 'doldrums!

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