Going through a dry spell...

This is my desk.  It's been like that since I left. 

I came home and I made lots of new jewelry but my painting desk is still like that. The only thing that has changed is that I filled with the brush holder with water and I brought a bottle of tea.  I don't know what's happening to me. I came home fulled of energy from the show and lots of plans an ideas, even a box full of old books to make more beeswaxed pieces but now I feel like the ideas and the energy dissipated with the everyday chores and now I'm not able to create a single thing again.  I know it's a phase, maybe tomorrow I will feel like creating again. Maybe I'm just depressed because I'm here alone again missing my friends and my family.  Maybe I'm just getting sick.  I don't think I run out of ideas. I have plenty. I just don't feel like doing anything... have you ever felt like that?  How did you overcome it?

Esta es mi mesa. Tal y como la deje antes de irme.

Regrese a casa, hice muchisima joyeria pero mi mesa de pintar sigue igual. Lo unico que ha cambiado es que llene mi bote de brochas con agua y puse una botella de te. No se que es lo que me pasa, llegue llena de energia de mi exposicion, compre una caja de libros viejos para mis encausticos pero siento que las ideas y la energia se han disipado con la vida diaria y siento que no puedo crear nada. Se que es una fase, tal vez mañana me sienta con ganas de crear. Tal vez estoy deprimida porque mi familia y amigos se quedaron atras, tal vez me estoy enfermando, pero definitivamente creo que no se me han acabado las ideas. Tengo muchas. Pero no me siento con ganas de crear nada nuevo.... Se han sentido asi alguna vez? Como lograron salir de ahi?


I'd say you're getting down with a cold or similar
This is exactly what happens to me before I get sick!

FX it's just a little cold and that's all :))
I vote that you're comming down with a cold!
Juliette Crane said…
when i feel like i have lots of ideas but just don't want to do anything, i usually give myself a few days to do what i do feel like...which at that point is often watching favorite movies with macaroni and cheese or dark chocolate and peanut butter. at some point though, i realize i have to get in the studio. and i might not create anything i love at first, but eventually the joy and ease in creating comes back. sometimes just getting new art supplies and setting them up, ready to paint is enough to make my spirit soar. i know it will happen for you :)
Susan said…
Sounds like fatigue, like a need for play and laughter. xo
Jessie said…
I am currently going through the same thing and it is driving nuts. I am thinking of stepping away, taking the weekend off, take walks and spend time with nature - try not to think about it. I have faith that by Monday, I'll be renewed and inspired.

Wishing you lots of luck and beautiful creative energy!
EmeraldCut said…
Hi Danita, I think you earned a well-deserved break. Does sitting outside and getting lost in thought meditative for you? Or calling up a loved one and talking?

Personally, I go through phases where I create like mad (jewelry, paper art), and then I quiet down and don't create anything new for at least a month--excluding the ideas that I ruminate over, which may or may not come to fruition.
Marissa said…
This just happened to me last week...I didn't even want to go near my craft room, let alone draw.... SO UNLIKE ME! Art is and always has been my escape...my recharge! I didn't force myself....just went with the flow and after a few days, started viewing some different pieces of art online and got that spark back. No cold. It just was what it was. Hope your fog clears up soon! I know, it stinks when you're in that kind of funk.....You feel like you have no purpose...(Other than mommy and wifey!)...and that's why you need the "recharge!" Good luck! It will happen....no doubt!
Lynda said…
I've been sick the whole month of February. My creativity well has been very dry. I've just been doing sketches and getting rest. You have to let yourself feel whatever you are feeling and know it will pass. I also like Juliette Crane's suggestions. Chocolate cures everything.
You'll be back in full swing before you know it!
I know after preparing for a show I have mixed feelings Happy/Sad...and a week later I am back at it! Remember we all need a break!
Unknown said…
Im in a dry spell also due to health issues. But dear friend said dont always try to push it will come to you and be great once you get that ball rolling again.
Sarah said…
Exhibitions are fantastic but I know they take so much energy out of you! Be kind to yourself, be proud of what you have achieved and give your creative self a little down time xx
I vote you are going through a transition after your art show - a growth period. Ahhh, the ebbs and flows of creativity. I did my 30 Day of Creativity challenge, which was a lot of work. And then December came about and I didn't create again until after the new year. Sometimes you just need space because something else is getting ready to be birthed.

After my December crash, I started painting again, and this year really have found my own voice and style emerging. You've already found yours, but I believe your mind, body, and soul and prepping for the next phase of your creative journey. Can't wait to see where it leads you.
p.s. sometimes cleaning up and regrouping works well too.
Ana. said…
Danita, no te preocupes, sólo necesitas un descanso. Con la exposición, aunque hayas disfrutado, habrás tenido tu dosis de nervios y te han dejado algo cansada. No pienses en ello, relájate y en nada volverás a ser la de siempre. A veces se necesitan unos momentos de no hacer nada, de relajarse tan solo. También, como dices, el dejar atrás a tu familia te deja esa dosis de añoranza que también entristece. Les ocurre a muchísimos creadores en momentos de mucha actividad o de una actividad algo diferente a la acostumbrada. Y nos ocurre a todos que añoremos a nuestros seres queridos cuando están lejos.

Te deseo mucho ánimo. Que te den mucho cariñito y tú misma date un capricho, mímate y ya verás como pasa.

Muchos ánimos Danita!!! Tómate unos días para ti, que seguro que has acabado agotada! Un abrazo!
Scoti Soard said…
My husband works 15 hours days rising at 3:30 am and leaving by 4:30 and I am lucky if he is home by 7PM. I know about lonely now that I am retired...thus ART....currently he is working 7 days a week leaves me a lot of time to play with my art. I have so much to learn so that helps but yes, I sometimes feel like just lying with my doggies under the electric blanket, cuz it is so cold here right now for California. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks I am in this blue phase and I don't like any of my work phase I clean mys studio...The thing here is I start discovering things I didn't finish that suddenly seem exciting or new products and suddenly my studio is half cleaned and my hands are dirty again!
Diana said…
I think we all go through this at one time or another. I find, thankfully, that it's usually followed by a burst of creative energy. I agree with Juliette. Sometimes getting new art supplies lifts your creative spirit. I also find that creative organizing of art supplies helps and also, looking at creative blogs and you tube videos helps too. Good luck and this will pass.
Hugs, Diana

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