Wheel throwing ceramic class: I'm in love!

Ceramics and pottery have been one of my life long fascination. I love it and I've always wanted to learn about it but with no luck. But last month I saw that the El Paso Museum Of Art was offering a class and I signed up immediately crossing my fingers that It filled up so they didn't cancel it. Yesterday, I had my first class, and let me tell you, now I believe in love at first sight. I took this photo of the table with the samples when I arrived and then the one of the wheel and that was it. As soon as I put my hands on the clay I couldn't do anything else.

Touching the clay, playing with it, throwing it in the wheel, everything was beautiful. Of course the control freak in me wanted me to do something perfect and when It didn't turned out how I wanted I got a bit frustrated. But I think this class will teach me more than pottery. It will teach me patience. It will teach me humility. It will teach me to let go of control and let the process take its course. I think this would make a great hobby.

I'm so excited I can't wait for my next class!!! 

Meanwhile I'm gathering inspiration on Pinterest from amazing artists that you can see here, and the pictures were taken with instagram. where you can follow me as danitaart.


Panic said…
Tomorrow I start my ceramic lessons too!! please, show as everything you do.
Tania said…
Hi Danita, LOVE your work! I loved this post about wheel throwing ceramics; for about 5 years i did a one-on-one class in wheel throwing with an absolutely fantastic teacher, and in the end could make quite large bowls and vases which I was very proud of. I really loved it, but at one time my muse left me for a few months so i took a break from it, and when I was ready to go back to it, my teacher had moved away. I was so disappointed.... I can't wait to see what you do with your wheel throwing, and can soooo relate to your excitment in learning it. Warmest regards, Tania
Congratulations on taking the step to learn wheel thrown pottery! It certainly will teach you patience and to let go of some control. I tried my hand at it in college and the results were not pretty! LOL!! The control freak in me preferred hand-built pottery, but I am always impressed with a beautifully thrown pot. Good luck with your class!
Share art Work said…
Super cool blog and your work. Every thing is so perfectly made it. Great work friend.
Eclectic Works said…
You're going to enjoy it! I remember when I first started taking pottery classes at a private studio...I loved the smell of the clay...the smell of earth. Having experienced potters share their expertise with you and learning about the glazes and the firing process...AWesome! It was great! You will have lots of great experiences...enjoy the ride!

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