My Online Class Is On Sale This Weekend!

When I paint, I paint from the heart. I capture my dreams, my hopes, my reality and my daydreaming into my art.
If you've ever struggled to find what you like and wondered how to create meaningful art that becomes personal and full of passion, this workshop will be perfect for you.
A self paced version of last year's guided lessons, more than just a painting class, I will show you the mixed media techniques I use on my paintings to journey through my process for creating mixed media art as an outlet for my dreams, my worries and my imagination to create art with a personal and distinctive style that you will love to call your own. Take a look at the promo video, and when you are done...

head up to the welcome page!

and join me in a magical journey towards creativity and self discovery. See You There!


Edt333 said…
Great video. Very interesting techniques thanks for sharing!

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