What I've been up to lately.

Last weekend was a really busy one for us. On Friday we went to the Pumpkin patch at Mesilla, NM.  We had a lot of fun there! It was a school trip and we're invited to go with the kids so my husband takes the day off from work and we take our little one as well and go have a fun day. I went down a huge slide and learned to make a hula hoop go round and round!

Then on Saturday we went to "Chalk the block" in downtown El Paso, a 3 day cultural event with music, art and lots of fun things to do for all the family.  Our favorite thing was this luminous owl mounted on a bicycle, it lighted up from the inside and it was gorgeous!  Every time the rider moved the handlebar the owl's head moved... it was great!

Paul Potts was invited to sing on the 40th anniversary of Juarez University on an open air public concert, so we went there on our way back home and I got to listen to the end of his performance. I sat on the field by myself and did not realize I was surrounded by fireworks launchers until they started firing up. It was so beautiful, I was right underneath them and got to see them under a clear sky, alone with no crowd to interrupt me as if it was a private show.

And these days I've been working on commissions and some new pieces... I have a mess worth of a picture! I think I'll have to clean up eventually, but right now I'm just enjoying the process and let myself do what I love to do without giving much thought about the rest. I'll show you some preview pics soon!

What about you? What have you been up to lately?


Mona Pendleton said…
I LOVE your crafting spot ~ looks like mine :)

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