Who are these bloggers? We Are.

When I learned about the comments Martha Stewart made about bloggers not being experts because we are not trained editors at vogue magazine, it got me angry.

In my case, my blog is very personal and it's where I share my thoughts and my antics, but I read a lot of blogs related to a gazillion subjects I'm interested, and I admire the people who devote their time and money to try out and write about the very recipes and the products that Martha dismissed with an arrogant hand wave.

Precisely because those bloggers try out those things and know by experience if something is good enough to talk about it or not, because they gave their kids a cupcake from a recipe the read about and know if they liked it or not, because they bought a couch and a coffee table and they know if it sucks or if it's good enough to recommend it, they are the experts, not someone sitting in a cozy office at some big name corporation, paid to talk about something that most of the time they have no clue what it is.

The blogger's opinons are the opinions I trust, because like they did, I like to experiment things hands on and get to know if something works out or not. They are not paid to do it, they dedicate their own resources just to try it out and took time and money from their families that could have been used for something else if it turns out that what they tried out sucks. They took chances and I really respect those opinions.

When you hear me talking all exited about something I tried out here on my blog, do you think I like to feel like my opinion does not count just because I'm a small artist and a mom not backed up by a corporation? I don't.

And guess who made you the big corporation you are, Martha? We did. We buy your products and we talk about them. Don't shun us out like our opinions don't count, because they do. And we can take away that too.

Martha, I used to think you were cool. Not any more.


Vicki Winters said…
you rock!
Oh Wow! She's such a snot! Yes, this is very disappointing, though not all that surprising. I can't tell you how many MS products I've bought. I've watched her show, and subscribed to her magazine.
But the funny thing is that the joke is kind of on her! It's like she honestly doesn't realize that most people use whipped cream from a can, and not crème fresh straight from a dairy cow they keep on their estate.
She's totally in her own world...and I'm not going to visit her anymore! ha!
Thank you for sharing.
Erica :)
P.S. I've admired your art for years! I'm so happy to have found your blog tonight!
Jess said…
I love to read blogs because the thoughts there are genuine from real life and not necessarily a trained writer. This is why I enjoy them! Because I can relate! Thanks Danita for sharing and for your lovely blog.:)
Jess x x
Tania said…
Well written Danita, and good on you for sharing this. What an arrogant, unconsidered, dismissive attitude. It is people such as bloggers and crafters who have bought her magazines and her products and contributed to making Martha Stewart what she is today, and I hope that many people see this and no longer support someone who is so rudely condescending to those whose money she has happily taken. Not cool at all.
Tania said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
vivian said…
Yve said…
I think the remarkably deluded and self opinionated tax-evading Martha Stewart has forgotten that those tiresome BLOGGERS are.... sorry, WERE... her customers!

Good one, shoot yourself in the foot there big mouth Stewart!
~Martha, Martha, Martha~ shame on you !~ That was a very snooty interview !~ :(
sue said…
You GO Danita! I thought exactly the same thing!! Where does she think she came from?? She was a nobody housewife from no where... that started making things and trying out recipes and got LUCKY with her husband knowing someone in the publishing business who started her with writing her first book. That sounds just like a "blogger" to me! Also - she doesn't "design" much of any of her products! Small designers do -- and she puts her name on it. So she can go be pretentious somewhere else! :)
Michellem said…
Great post - I take recommendations from favorite bloggers all the time and am happy with the results!
Unknown said…
I completely agree with you!! How dare her be so smug after everything she's done? SHE was one of those people testing recipes and putting her taste out there for us not so long ago. I don't buy her products or pay attention to her anymore. But, I voraciously read YOUR blog all the time!! xoxo
me said…
Thank you for saying this because you DO count. I follow your blog and many others like it BECAUSE it's your opinions I want and trust more than any one else's.

When I want to know what art supplies really work and how they work, I want to know from a working artist's point of view, not the company selling them. I want to SEE them in the art work. I want to see how they look in the art work.

The same goes for any other products; recipes, furniture, etc. The best opinions come from those who have actually USED it.

I haven't had much use for Martha Stewart since even before she was put in jail, and anytime someone says I'm such a "Martha Stewart" because I put so much effort into something in my home, I'm careful to thank them for the compliment and then ask them not to compare me to her, because she's not any kind of a beacon I want to be held up to.

I don't ever buy her products out of principal because I don't want to support her or her enterprise, simply because I don't like the way she does business. This latest comment of hers is just more proof that she doesn't deserve my business. I will continue to buy products from companies that are more deserving of my money and my support.

Again- thank you for making sure our artistic community aware of things like this so we can stick together and give our support to those who are worth of it!

Keep up the great work, your beautiful soul shows through in everything you do!!!
Pam Drapala said…
Hi Ladies and Gents, There are many people out there in the public who feel that bloggers/crafters who are not considered as writers and nor artists because they do not have formal painting skills nor the education/experience to back up what they create or write. Well, I think that everyone who writes a blog and/or creates art is a writer/artist. I believe that the Internet has given us the "right" to be who ever we choose to be, and as long as the Internet is there, all people who write on a blog and/or creates art should be given respect. And Martha, well, I like some of the things she does and some of it I don't like at all. That doesn't mean that I won't buy her products. She's human, has an opinion like everyone. Oh, by the way, those creative magazines out there are always asking everyone for some submissions, new ideas, that they can share with the public. So, we have ideas/thoughts/art that are indeed very valuable : ).
alejandra said…
Great post, I agree with all your good friends and bloggers, I also like and love to visit blogs, they and we are real people, we live day by day sharing our lives, we do our best,
World is open to everyone, not just a few,
bye bye Martha.
Caterina Giglio said…
Wow... stunned.. I agree with you..
Hhhmm...I'm sure Ree Drummond would think differently, as would every fashion or food blogger whose blog ended up becoming the jumping point for a book, or t.v. show or product deal. It's precisely like you said, these people do have opinions that count because they do the work, unlike Martha who writes so eloquently in her magazine about all the prep work she does in her four houses every year to get them ready for winter while the rest of us know full well that she's hired full-time housekeepers and grounds staff who are probably underpaid and overworked and whose picture will never make it into the pages of her glossy magazine. All she does is pose with spotless garden gloves and a garden rake and smiles while the hired hands take a breather from shoveling compost all day. She lives in a fairy land and I agree, we should probably stop paying for it.
DIAN said…
fabulous post - thanks for sharing your opinions - they count.
Great response Danita, for her its just about the bottom line and not about creating. It's quite sad as she once was an inspiration, but that's simply wrong not to mention unkind.
audrey said…
Well said, Danita!!! No degree in "blogging" here, but I am proud of what I do and say. Bloggers are some of the best people I've ever met. I have no desire to meet Martha.
Baggaraggs: said…
I figured out some time ago when Martha was convicted and went to JAIL for insider trading that she wasn't as NEATO as I thought she was...OK. Everyone makes mistakes but I am of the opinion that her world is NOT my world. I find her condescending and arrogant. I don't buy her stuff. HUGS, Robin
Priti Lisa said…
she is a snob...i always took her side too, when she was down...but she is a snob, bleh.
Here Here!!!!

well said Danita!
Here! Here!

Well said Danita!
Carmen said…
I agree 100%.
BFree2Create said…
I agree with you 100%
BFree2Create said…
I agree with you 100%
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Unknown said…
Good for you for taking a stand! Martha gets a lot of ideas for her products- from us bloggers. I am so disgusted with what she said that I am no longer going to buy her products!
Margarita said…
Of course they don't like bloggers, before blogging if you don't have a big marketing corporation behind you, it was impossible to create a market for your own products, and that is exactly what they hate, blogging are taking this huge marketing corporation out of business little by little. I prefer real world blogger’s, I Love Etsy, I prefer to save enough money to buy something hand made for a mother at the other side of the country, that go to Macy’s and buy a handmade Chinese dress. Bloggers open doors all over the world and this is a tread for people like Martha. She lives in a completely different world, a world that is crumble on her own feet and by her own mouth.
Unknown said…
Well done Danita, for speaking out. i hadn't seen that. MS, needs to come out of her office and step into the real world. Blogging is fun and full of wonderful people with fantastic ideas. We could MS a run for her money. Vogue editors and Ralph Lauren...she really does live in a small pond. lol :)
Unknown said…
I agree that was a very snobby interview! Martha really made a boo-boo by separating 'experts' from bloggers.
It seems though, that her misguided 'expert' sense of entitlement has already landed her in jail. nuf said.
blog on!
Connie Turner said…
I don't buy Martha products for the sole reason that she is too rich already and arrogant too. If you ever listened to her tone of voice when she is on her show you can tell she is a snob and a bitch.
Connie Turner said…
I don't buy Martha products for the sole reason that she is too rich already and arrogant too. If you ever listened to her tone of voice when she is on her show you can tell she is a snob and a bitch.
schulmanart said…
danita I love your art and now I love your blog... you are so honest real and authentic.

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