Little boxes

 This last week has been crazy busy around here. I've spent my week days working and my family came to visit this weekend so that means I don't do anything but enjoy their company. We even had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday because they went back home today and I don't get to see them until Christmas :(  It is always so nice to have them here but unfortunately they live in another city so they have to get back to their normal lives and so do I.

So... getting back to normal, I made a set of little papier mache boxes. It's been a while since the last time I made a batch... I don't even think I made boxes this year. I even made some that are a little smaller than usual (and so much cuter by the way) and since one can't get enough sparkle during the Holidays I added glitter to the Holiday related ones.  The ones that aren't Holiday themed have crackle medium and most of them are decorated with stamps and drawings.  They're perfect stocking stuffer, a container for some small item or cash or even a gift themselves.

Right now I'm preparing the listings so they will be ready for purchase Wednesday morning. They're available now just click here! Remember than each of them are one of a kind and there's only one box of each image, so start picking your favorites!

BTW I played this song a lot while I was cutting, pasting, painting and repeating. But my boxes are original and they all DON'T look all the same :)



Irina Nysveen said…
Absolutely cute!!!
Unknown said…
es hermoso tu trabajo

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