The Hand to Hand Swap 2014: I'm in! (Intercambio Mano a Mano 2014)

I was invited this year to be part of a Holiday Swap  by Daniela from Pomponsparty and Rous from Que Tramas between artists and crafters from USA, Chile, Mexico and Spain.  The best part of it (besides the gift, of course!) it's that I get to meet other artists that speak Spanish and see what they do, there are so many good things out there but sometimes they get lost in the huge internet world.

Here are the links of the participants so you can see all the cute stuff they do:

Mandarinas - Danita Art  (Chile- USA/México)

Musgoamigos - Gimena Romero (Chile-México)

Fuga  Kennya Comesaña (Chile-Chile)

Sawa hecho a mano – Creame y mas (Chile-Spain)

Deliriosa – Triki (Chile-México)

Daiverdei – Snowybeanies (Chile-Spain)

Chunchitos and Co – Mis Manitas (México-Chile)

Isabel de Lara – Tilde (México-Chile) 

Florula - Supercursi (México-Spain)

Quetramas  Mamawolf (Chile-México) 

Casa Taller Circolor – Titina Accesorios (Chile-México) 

Llueve Diamantina – Telaria (México-Chile)

Pomponsparty – Mitimota (USA/México-Chile)
Now I'm off to prepare my gift. 

I'm so excited! I love swaps!


Irina Nysveen said…
So happy for you! I wish I could see all your works!
Anonymous said…
woohoo!! tu regalito ya está en proceso :D

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