Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Being Wonder Woman

I'm not Wonder Woman. But many people think that I am.

That puts a LOT of pressure on me and some days I feel that I should comply, I stretch myself more than I should and I try to accomplish the impossible, on those days I just feel so exhausted and worn off  because I stayed until very late just thinking about it, paralyzed and beating myself for not doing what I am supposed to do and not enjoying my free time (which I feel I have none) and getting even more behind in my work because I was over thinking everything instead of doing something. As a result of all that, and the lack of rest that I don't allow myself to have even when I sit down to do nothing because instead of letting myself go and rest, I am having a million bad thoughts about myself at the time, wondering why I am even trying, because my art is terrible and no one will every like anything I make ever again... That storm of thoughts and ideas will get me even more stressed out and will get even more behind on my work, because in my mind, I suck at life.

And then there are days when I feel like I am Wonder Woman. Days when I feel powerful and productive and happy and in control.  Days when I remind myself that I can do stuff and that I don't have to be perfect and do it all, but that the little things matter and make a difference.  Today is one of those days.  Life is not perfect, my son is just getting better after days of being sick (which explains my lack of presence on the internet), and my daughter had a hard time falling asleep yesterday which guarantees us a rough day, and I haven't been able to work AT ALL, my house is messy and my hair doesn't want to do what I want it to do. Still, I feel good. I took a 1 hour walk in the morning while listening to an audiobook, the clouds were fluffy and I'm slowly but surely catching up with my e-mails and my work. 

It think it has to do with attitude and with letting things be. I'm trying hard to love what is but also to change what I can change.  I can clean up my house if I don't like the dirty dishes on the sink and the dust covered floors or I can choose to ignore it and change the way I see it and go do more important stuff. 

Today I choose to change what I can change and accept what I cannot. And be in peace with that.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Good news for ACEO collectors!

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was super busy updating my shop with the prints of my newest paintings now on fun ACEO sizes and already mounted on wood so you don't have to make a thing. Just open the box, and it's ready to hang or display in a flat surface! How cool is that? I even made some sets with a discounted price for buying them together: Instant collection!

Take a peek and make your picks here!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Frida Inspired Art This Week

After finishing my Journals I went back to my table and decided to continue with the Frida in dresses series, it's going to be at least one per month this year to celebrate Frida's dresses exhibit in Mexico City this year. Here's what I created so far... And since I could not stop painting, one more, this time with no mixed media, just paint and my brushes. What do you think?


Monday, April 15, 2013

New Beeswax Encaustic Journals

Yesterday I made a batch of Beeswax Encaustic Art Journals And Sketchbooks just for fun. I've been having the idea of creating sketchbooks for myself entirely from scratch using raw materials and I finally had the time to do it and I learned new cool things, like how to put together pages and sewing them to make a book, it's been a fun experience.

As I sent my newsletter to let everyone they were available I was also getting ready to write a post about the beautiful Journals but they sold so fast that I didn't even have time to upload the pictures to my blog... So all that's left to say to you is....

It made me very very happy that they were so well received!!!! THANK YOU!!!

They went up so quickly that a lot of people was asking me if they could see pictures of them so they are ready to order the new batch when it become available, so here they are for you to enjoy. Each journal is a unique piece, made from a vintage book from the 1950's or older. I made an original mixed media illustration on each of them, then covered on beeswax and carved on it to create a great encaustic piece.

The pages are watercolor paper, hand compiled, cut and stitched to give it an even more organic book. They will make wonderful art journals, artful sketchbooks and once you are done with all the pages, beautiful displays for your very own art.

 There are more journals like this coming soon, if you enjoyed these I know you are going to love what's coming soon... Stay tuned to this blog, my newsletter, my Personal Facebook Page and My Facebook Fan Page for previews and the buzz on when they are coming out.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Wheel throwing ceramic class: I'm in love!

Ceramics and pottery have been one of my life long fascination. I love it and I've always wanted to learn about it but with no luck. But last month I saw that the El Paso Museum Of Art was offering a class and I signed up immediately crossing my fingers that It filled up so they didn't cancel it. Yesterday, I had my first class, and let me tell you, now I believe in love at first sight. I took this photo of the table with the samples when I arrived and then the one of the wheel and that was it. As soon as I put my hands on the clay I couldn't do anything else.

Touching the clay, playing with it, throwing it in the wheel, everything was beautiful. Of course the control freak in me wanted me to do something perfect and when It didn't turned out how I wanted I got a bit frustrated. But I think this class will teach me more than pottery. It will teach me patience. It will teach me humility. It will teach me to let go of control and let the process take its course. I think this would make a great hobby.

I'm so excited I can't wait for my next class!!! 

Meanwhile I'm gathering inspiration on Pinterest from amazing artists that you can see here, and the pictures were taken with instagram. where you can follow me as danitaart.

Working on my class sample for Charity Wings

On November I'll be teaching a class at this year Charity Wings Seaside Soire and I'm preparing my sample, I'm so excited! Last year was great and this year I bet will be even better. You can join us here. We're making Beeswax covered Art Journals! Doesn't it sound like fun? It is!
Here's some sneak previews of them.  They're not finished yet, but soon they will be.

By the way, I'm constantly updating pictures of my work in progress in Instagram. You can find me there as DanitaArt or follow me in Followgram.

Now off to make some more!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring break

Remember when people used to send snail mail and was the only way to communicate with people far away? Then the phone came along and it became popular and snail mail was kind of slow, we preferred talking over the phone, not only because it was easier but also because it was a 2 way conversation. Now with text messages and facebook it's even easier and quicker, but it lacks content.  My mom is always complaining that we're losing the human interaction and that now everything is digital, and she's kind of right.  I notice how often I prefer to send a quick message than to talk on the phone with someone. I trade the human experience for the convenience. And I've noticed that I also do that with my blog. Sitting to write a post, thinking about the content, edit the pictures, inventing a title, it all requires me sitting in front of my computer (a desktop) and with small children that's kind of hard, specially if they can't see you sitting in your computer without wanting you away, paying attention to them or if they want to use it too.  That's why for me, using facebook and instagram has become my way to communicate with you.  It's so much easier for me to show you glimpses of my life and art that way right now. That doesn't mean I'm abandoning my blog, it only means that if I stop posting for a while I haven't disappeared,  I still posting of those 2 pages.

And, what's my excuse this time? I'm home alone with my son, while my daughter is spending spring break with my parents :(  I miss her so much! And I haven't realized how much she helps me with the little one, she's the one who's always telling me if he did something he's not supposed to do, she plays with him... Anyway. She's coming back soon and next week they will be at school again and I'll have plenty of free time again to work and post and make wonderful art!

How have YOU been?