New Originals from my sketchbook.

New Originals!

I created a few new originals from drawings from my sketchbook.

Lately I have been sharing my creative process on my Facebook Fan page. Showing you how a simple drawing from my sketchbook turns into a full painting bit by bit. I had not painted an some time now and I found the process both intimidating and refreshing. After taking a painting break, I always feel a bit uneasy when I am confronted with a blank panel and this time I wanted to show you what I go trough when I fix on an idea. If you visit my Fan page, you will see the progress of some of the paintings on this post. 
I did not fix on a theme, I just let the ideas flow trough my hands and dictate what they wanted to become on the wood panels. I think these have a free flowing quality to them, and the backgrounds are not as complex as before. If you like them, you can purchase your favorite from my online Shop: Take a look and let me know what you think of them on a personal message on Facebook or at

Message In A Bottle

Original Mixed Media Painting

10x10 Inches On Wood - Get it on my Etsy Shop!

Every time I embark on a new adventure I feel like I am throwing a message in a bottle into the sea. My hopes and dreams are written in that piece of paper and I let them travel into the wide and open seas of life. 

I hope they make it safe to their destinations, maybe a cute mermaid will read the message in the meantime and she will ask the fates to make everything I am hoping for to come true.

Choo Choo

Original Mixed Media Painting

8x10 Inches On Wood - Get it on my Etsy Shop!

This one is inspired by my son's love for trains. He loves to play with his wood trains and I love to see him create entire worlds on the floor.

And here the little girl is taking a trip on a train, with all her worldly possessions on one car, and her house on the other.

Letting Go

Original Mixed Media Painting

8x8 Inches On Wood - Get it on my Etsy Shop!

Letting Go is something very hard for me. I am reminding myself about that on this painting, letting the girl watch the birds in her hands hatch and then fly away to go on with their own lives. 

She is sorrowful to see them fly away, but happy at the same time because she touched their lives and they touched hers, and the tales of how they met and loved will live forever.

My House

Original Mixed Media Painting

6x8 Inches On Wood - Get it on my Etsy Shop!

Houses are appearing on my art lately, and there's a very good reason for that, you will see in in time.

For now, I am siting pretty with my house on my hands, a cozy and beautiful home that I like to be in.


jinxxxygirl said…
I would love to see more of your process Danita but i do not do Facebook....... I keep my computer time to one social media and i chose blogs..... Lovely work though...Hugs! deb
Tracy M. said…
They are all wonderful!

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