I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul

I finally started to own my new creative space! After shifting furniture for months to no end, I finally accepted in my mind that I have a new studio and that I better get to work here or I will starve to death because I haven't produced much lately.
Now I have a layout I'm comfortable with and I started getting all my knick-knacs back on my shelves.
To me this means I'm ready to own the place and let my muse visit and inspire me to create beautiful things.
I even created a little research corner where I can plop my iPad and start goofing off on Pinterest... I mean researching trends and ideas.
Since this is me we're talking about, just seeing the place all tidy and full of pretty things made me forget about everything else and I felt the unstoppable urge to create that I get from time to time.
Chaos is ensuing right now at Danita Art. There's fabric everywhere you look. I'm in the middle of an almost perfect storm of creativity.
Why it's almost perfect?? We seem to have a fly infestation around here. They are everywhere and there's one that's been buzzing over my head for the last three days. It has escaped the wrath of my pink fly swatter.... You'll see when I catch you!
I started Friday morning doing this, and I have not stopped, stepped out my studio, eaten a proper meal or slept at all. It's an imperative of my soul to create until I have finished.
Pizza Hut thanks my business and Frozen and Wreck It Ralph have been stuck on a TV loop for the last 24 hours. The kids think Mom's art attacks are awesome.
It's 3 AM and I have no intention of stopping. Maybe when I see the the sun coming out I'll go to bed. I'm going to leave you now with a preview of what I'm working right now.


Netty said…
Wonderful studio Danita, full of creative splendour. Annette x

sue said…
You GO Girl!! I'm glad you are starting to feel comfortable in your new space! :)

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